Dashboard Designers
Designed for Agencies, Consultants and Virtual Service Providers
Your 8 Week Program Includes:
✔️ 6 Core Training Modules learning our proven Scalable 5-Step Strategy
✔️ 8 Weeks of Implementation mentorship with Layne & the team
✔️ Weekly Group Module Review calls
✔️ 2 one-on-one laser coaching sessions for questions unique to you
✔️ Your first dashboard audited by us and digital certification badge
✔️ 24/7 support and celebration in our private community
✔️ LIFETIME ACCESS to our continuously updated content
A few words
from our graduates...
How Izzy sells ongoing services after the 5K Dashboard Build with a quarterly strategy
Lindsay shares that recurring revenue is much easier than bringing on new clients every time
Paola 3X'd her rates and brought in extra money for family needs, while working from home
Sally says why she would definitely recommend this program to a friend or colleague. 
Karla said that offering dashboard services enabled her to shift into the advisor role.
Olivia said she knew she had to stop trading time for dollars!
Shelby said, "Do it!
Just stick with it. It has been absolutely worth it!"
Shanna loves how her business model has been reviewed.
Carrie says, "I'm loving it! It allows me to let go of those hourly clients because the revenue just from one dashboard is huge!"
Tara said that this is one of the most important classes she has taken.
Even if...
You've never thought about adding dashboards to your suite of services before

You thought hiring more people was the only way to scale

You tried creating savvy spreadsheets in the past that couldn't quite deliver

➕ Raising your rates within 8 weeks
➕ Increasing your recurring revenue
➕ Bringing on high quality clients
Clients scale faster, pay you more, and thank you for it
Following our Million Dollar Metrics Method...
The MDM Method

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