➕ Raising your rates within 8 weeks
➕ Increasing your recurring revenue
➕ Bringing on high quality clients
Clients scale faster, pay you more, and thank you for it
My A-Ha Moments
Really understanding the importance of the forecasting piece and the value of the bottom-up approach and strategising around activities to close the gap. Also clarity on how I can package this after doing the business model coursework. It's been a joy!
Natasha B.
My Experience
[Dashboard Designers] is in-line with what I want to be as a mom and as a business owner. Initially you would think studying numbers and graphs would be overwhelming, but Layne has really laid out everything simply.

[After the course] I worked on a few case studies. It really benefitted me to do it to get actual experience. After that, I was able to double the price and to triple the price right away because this is how it works.
Paola S.
My Favorite Parts of the Program
Looking at how you set up your [dashboard] process, moving people through the weeks in your process, and the order you do things and why. I find that, for me, it's really helpful to have an idea of the standard people are working at and to aspire to.

The ongoing calls are really helpful to be able to ask questions, get clarification, and dive deeper into anything that may not have been clear. And, overall the confidence that it gives to be able to take this kind of work and be able to go and find clients, and serve people well.

And, recognizing the value in it and focusing on the mindset shift and what are all the benefits...because we tend to get stuck in the weeds and forget why we do it, the ROI for our clients, and the impact it'll have for them.
Kari P.
What Type Of Business Are You?
A solopreneur earlier in your journey working with high-ticket 1:1 clients?

An agency that wants to uplevel their services and recurring revenue?

A business owner that wants to make solid data-driven decisions for growth?

Even if...
You've never thought about adding dashboards to your suite of services before

You thought hiring more people was the only way to scale

You tried creating savvy spreadsheets in the past that couldn't quite deliver

Your 8 Week Program Includes:
✔️ 6 Core Training Modules learning our proven Scalable 5-Step Strategy
✔️ 8 Weeks of Implementation mentorship with Layne & the team
✔️ Weekly Group Module Review calls
✔️ 2 one-on-one laser coaching sessions for questions unique to you
✔️ Your first dashboard audited by us and a certificate of completion
✔️ 24/7 support and celebration in our private FB group
✔️ LIFETIME ACCESS to our continuously updated content

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